介词“in” 的省略大全


①be busy( in) doing...忙于做....

Marry is busy doing her homework.


②have difficulty /trouble/problem( in) doing...…


I have some difficulties doing this math problem.做这道数学题我有一些困难。

③( in) this/that way用这种/那种方法

this way, we have learned a lot.


④spend..…( in) doing花费...在做.......

Workers spent two years building the building. 工人们花费了两年时间修建了这幢大楼。

⑤have a good time( in)doing .. ..玩得快乐

Our classmates had a good time playing yesterday in the park.

⑥waste...( in)doing...浪费......做……

Xiaoming wasted a lot of time making this kite。做这个风拿小明浪费了许多时间。

⑦pass time( in)doing...做...度过时光

We passed a good time (in) learning knowledge in school. 我们在学校学习知识度过美好的时光。

⑧kill time( in) doing...消磨时光做....

Some young people kill time playing computer games every day.

⑨There's no use/ good( in) doing.…..


There is no good for our health in eating junk food. 吃垃圾食品对我们的身体没有好处。


(二) to 作介词时的短语小结

1. admit to doing sth 承认做了某事

Jack admited to breaking the window.


2. object to doing sth 反对做某事

They also object to giving the president and his family any immunity from prosecution.


3. see to doing sth 负责做某事

Li Ming sees to building the building.


4. stick to doing sth 坚持做某事

My sister insisted to finishing her homework by himself.


5. be opposed to doing sth反对做某事

Mom is opposed us to playing computer games. 妈妈反对我们玩电脑游戏

6. look forward to doing sth盼望做某事

The children are looking forward to the new year.孩子们盼望着新年。

7. be used to doing sth 习惯于做某事

My father is used to walking after supper.我父亲习惯于晚饭后散步。

8. reduce sb to doing sth 使某人沦落到去做某事的地步

Drug use reduced her to crime吸毒使她堕落到犯罪的地步

9. take to doing sth 喜欢上做某事

Mom takes to dancing. 妈妈喜欢上了跳舞。

10. apply oneself to doing sth专心致力于做某事

My brother has applied himself to learning English for three years. 我哥哥已经努力学了三年英语了。

11. devote oneself to doing sth献身于做某事

Han Hong devoted herself to helping the poor. 韩红致力于帮助穷人。

12. be devoted to doing sth把时间(钱、精力等)花在做某事上

She is devoted her life to helping the homeless people. 她一生致力于帮助无家可归的人。

13. get down to doing sth开始做某事,认真处理某事

LiHong gets down to learning English.